Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Running = Brain space free-er = Happy, balanced Katy

Journal entry: Tuesday, March 24, 2009

May I share a little about my morning and thoughts? Thanks. :) I feel very selfish talking about myself all the time. But, hopefully I can grow out of that and be more concerned with more important issues.

I got to go running for the third time in four days. It's such a deep experience for me. A smile was bursting from my soul the whole time this morning. I just couldn't not smile. Good thing I was running in the dark. :) Running = Brainspace Free-er = Happy, balanced Katy. And, I love to listen to music. It's like my true release. U2, Martina McBride, Chris LeDoux, Coldplay, Jack Johnson, are among my faves. About three weeks into this semester, I decided not to run my two half marathons this year. I just couldn't balance everything. I sincerely hope I'll even pass my classes. But, a couple weeks after I made that decision (to not run the halfs this year), I realized how let down and sad I was because of that decision. It wasn't just that I wasn't running the races. It was more than that. I've been working on goals to better myself and running has been such an essential part of my changes made, that to even consider omitting it from my lifestyle leaves me, well, speechless. I just can't quit. So, yesterday I re-decided to run one of my half marathons this year. And, it's in August, so I have time to make up for only running once a week for the past fourish weeks. I mailed my registration in yesterday. And, wow. What peace. Interesting to me, too. Such a simple thing as running a race that has meant so much more to me than just a race has given me the little bit of kick-in-the-butt that I need to keep doing everything I'm involved in right now. I feel selfish. But, at the same time, I am human and I can only do the best I can. The Atonement makes up for the rest, the stuff I can't do. And, in this time of my life where I'm not completely serving God only, I have to take care of myself. That means I have to run.

By the way, "core strengthening" means doing exercises that specifically strengthen the core of my body - the abs, lower back. So I do crunches on an exercise ball and leg lifts as part of my exercise routine.